Untitled Short Story

.........and so it was that he found himself, alone in the blood of his men . Awash in the memories, that had brought him to this point . Filled with a deep regretting, that he couldn't shake free of .

The wind blew, like a warring nation ; the fury and contempt of which he could not fathom . "Time eludes me..." he replied to the spiteful elemental gusts, ..." there is much for me yet to accomplish ." Gathering his cloak tight against the tyrannical winds, which tried in vain to force the grim scene from his minds inner eye . He dared not, to glimpse what he left behind, stalking determinedly away . "Darker thought's ; need thinking ." Tordal whispered to himself .

He steeled his resolve, vowing to bring the rouges to bear for the cowardice they showed that day . He, and the others, men he knew since he had joined this cause . His men ! They had come into these mountains seeking to spot out the enemy locations, and to bring the news of such, to his superiors . Who about this time would no doubt, be sitting on their lazy asses ordering some fool of a soldier, to fetch their meals . Meals to make a poor patrolman's mouth salivate, and pangs of hunger chew at his insides . 

He winced at the memory of that mid-night ambush, with invaders coming from all sides at once . Tordal knew the maneuver was an old trick of these enemies . Yet he allowed himself become complacent, almost to the point of dereliction . Now the responsibility of his friends fate lay on his shoulders . A debt he could never repay .

The forest grew quiet, after a time, and lower still the tracks went . Tordal followed, bending low . Now, and again testing the earth as if part animal . Falling unheard, amongst the light rustle of drying leaves "Your not far off..., I can sense you!" came the words unbidden to his lips . Evening grew ever nearer to him, as he to his query . He relished the thought of repaying the ones who had robbed him of his honor . He would do them in kind, coming in the shadows . Wraith like and deadly . The first few, to lie opened at the neck,in order to give him some modicum of success. 

He increased his silence now, to that of the sound of a bird in flight . Tordal knew, he was too close, to risk detection . Unsheathing his knives, he crouched yet again, this time not rising . Lurking in the brush pressed tight to the earth . He made the last 100yards of his search . He paused, just outside the light of their torches, still to far to make a move . The homelanders captain was good he thought, as he lay there . First the well placed ambush, now a well ordered camp .

The company had been reduced, to where it must be called a squad . But a well ordered one . Assuring his thoughts, he spoke in his mind "I am anarchy, from the pits and to the pits shall I return this night . Though I shall bring many of them before the gods, before I am done my work ." He waited then, knowing it to be the last time he would ever wait, ...for anything . 

Darkness stole away the final shards of light, turning the landscape into a vague reflection of reality . Yet he waited . The torches eased their ruddy glow, yet still he waited . It was the rising fog that stirred him to life . Moving amongst the boulders and trees, like a great cat of prey . Silence incarnate . Armed with the knives, he stole through brush, and scrub . Fury welling up in his mind, twisting his thoughts into the hate needed for this task . Rising from out of a knotty set of low pine, he claimed his first victim . Slicing the fellow, below his chin from one side to the other, and depositing the still twitching form amongst the boughs . Barely pausing, listening for a sign of notice, before continuing his hunt . His animal took him then, ...leading him on, ...skulking !

The next sentry he drove through the side of the neck, taking him from behind . The screams silenced by the soldiers own blood, caught within his throat . Tordal whispered to the now lifeless body, "On again, ...lurking!" This one he dragged behind a nearby stone, and left it . "Two guardsmen, then there will only be eight to deal to." 

Tordal flowed through the blackness, an Angel of Vengeance . He came upon the final two guards together . Emerging beneath the glow of a dim torch . A shadowy figure of death . Allowing himself to be seen for the first time ! The men made to call out . The first of whom, found a knife buried in his eye, the projectile penetrating his brain . The other, Tordal sent to hell with a smooth wave of his hand . The knife flying from it, to strike the poor fool in his temple . The force of the blow felling him, jerking the body by the head . Leaving the quivering flesh three feet behind where it had stood .

Tordal turned towards the tents, and finding that of the captains, he strode forward . Unsheathing his sword, the rasp of metal crisp, with a slithering grate . "The tongue of Set" he thought grimly of his blade .

Entering the flap he found the captain rising to stand . Tordal cried out then, "DIE Rouge !" Then he charged. "Tents are not made for sword play" the thought tickled him . The captain seized up his own sword in turn, and with blinding speed parried the arcing blow . Tordal was upon him again, and the sounds of battle raged through the new morn . Rising with the efforts of the two men . Locked into combat, the adversaries danced . Swirling about each other, as if caught in a whirlwind of blood . Tordal was bleeding, from his shoulder, the great gash, hindering his ability to wield his heavy sword . 

The enemy also bled, from his wounds . More serious than the one Tordal now bore . A gash on his forehead obscuring his vision, and yet another across the chest . Made by Tordals fearsome weapon, in an overhanded attack ,that tore asunder the canopy of the tent .

The captain was desperate, lunging forward awkwardly . Tordal swinging sideways, caught him in the side . Slicing nearly in two his foe ! With that blow, he left the man open, and folded back, exposing his insides, which began to hit the ground even before the body could fall . The breeze opening the tent, as if it were an unbuttoned blouse . 

The other soldiers were all awake now, and the sun was beginning to rise . The colors of the leaves ; in their many hue's, bathed in a glow of the half-light . Tordal stood bruised and broken, blood covering him from head to toe . Gazing upon his new targets he cried out "Who among you aches for the same peace that I desire ?" , and grinning wildly, at thier dread stares, he added "Come then we shall die....,Together !"

He beckoned them...

 The Snowdog~

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