Take Me Home

by: Rob Paquin 

Sometimes when I look around 
All I see, is that which brings me down 
It lays me low, in a turbulent flow 
and darkens all inside that glowed 

When these times assail me whole 
and overtake my self control 
I always know, I'll fall below 
that darkness that consumes soul 

In that darkness I shall swim 
to drowned there as I die within 
I undergo, my status quo 
spiraling down that darkened hole 

And as I fall into myself 
and knock my feelings from off their shelf 
all I feel is woe, cannot dodge the blows 
I wish for death to take me home 

~The Snowdog 

© TheSnowdog - all rights reserved 

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Comments (5)

  1. fierylady

    So sad!

    November 03, 2016
  2. TheSilentSentinel

    Yes, it is…..

    November 04, 2016
  3. shadowstarz

    May you be blessed with an abundance of light…

    November 04, 2016
    1. TheSilentSentinel

      I’ve learned to see in the darkness…….

      November 06, 2016
      1. shadowstarz

        Oh my… you have night vision !?

        November 09, 2016