My Ocean


By: Rob Paquin 

All dark and foreboding 
A mind filled with self-loathing 
As I look upon a world...
That laughs while it's gloating 
Plans all exploding 
Passions imploding
Wasted time's all been spent
In all my devoting 
The doting, and quoting 
The endless eroding 
Adrift in a sea
That's constantly goading
No longer so worried
To continue the floating
Just a mess like the rest
Just crawling and groping 
With a smile that says
I'm doing fine with the coping
As I slip down the sloping
And drown in my hoping
Scoping out ways
To disappear in this ocean

~ The Snowdog

© TheSnowdog - all rights reserved 

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  1. tiggers

    April 26, 2016